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Certified Cellebrite UFED Training Courses

Our certified Cellebrite training courses can help you sharpen your skills and keep them up to date. Whether you are looking to advance professionally or just looking for a refresher, these certified Cellebrite training courses are what you need to stay competitive.
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These certified Cellebrite training courses begin with the core components of the Cellelbrite UFED Ultimate system and advance for comprehensive mobile device forensic examinations. Participants will learn how to perform the following extractions: Logical, File System, Passcode Recovery, and Physical. These Cellebrite training courses are not a glorified repeat of the user guide or merely imaging lots of phones. The H-11 Certified Cellebrite training courses are engineered, updated, and modeled for those cell phone forensic examiners who want to learn sound methodologies and comprehensive skills. Participants will learn proper extraction processes, how to read HEX dumps, PDU encoding, and specialized techniques to better utilize the Cellebrite UFED Ultimate & CHINEX systems to their full potential and capabilities.