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Electronic information provides a window into the past. Computers, servers, tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices are now so ubiquitous that harnessing this information is not only crucial but often the primary source of information in every investigation. The science of digital forensics is driven by one purpose – to seek truth. At H-11 Digital Forensics we believe that seeking truth will expose threats, criminal activity, and weaknesses in systems as well as expose new possibilities, opportunities, and areas for improvement. Validating the truth is what propels us towards success.
Our branch of digital forensic science encompasses uncovering and interpreting electronic data found on digital devices such as computers, network infrastructures, cell phones, tablets, smart phones, and other electronic devices while preserving the integrity of the information in its original form. In both civil and criminal cases digital forensics is implemented to validate event time-lines, authenticate communication records, correlate specific subject origins, confirm alibis or statements, determine intent, identify sources (such as copyright), verify documents, and recover lost and deleted information.
Services include: Digital forensic investigations, Mobile Device Investigations, expert witness testimony, litigation support, incident response, and eDiscovery solution. Our investigation and litigation support teams work closely with you and/or your legal team to identify and map out the relevant digital evidence and supporting data critical to your case.

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