Cell Phone Forensics

Cell phones and mobile devices present a specific set of challenges to forensic investigations. The forensics of a mobile device is a highly specialized area requiring a knowledge of proprietary operating systems, differing firmware implementations, changing network communication protocols, and changing data storage methods.
Mobile device forensics requires first-hand knowledge and skills beyond the basic digital forensic training methods. In accordance with our Decision Based Forensics process and methodology, we utilize specialized forensic tools to extract, analyze, record and report data found on cell phones and other mobile devices.
By employing the right tools and procedures our forensic examiners are likely to succeed in recovering lost and deleted information from Smart Phones, Tablets, cell phones, and other mobile devices. Even in the event a case involves a seriously damaged device certain forensic methods can be used to procure a solution.

Cell Phone Forensic Products

H-11 Digital Forensics is recognized worldwide as an industry leader in certified cell phone and mobile forensic investigation. At H-11 we pride ourselves on maintaining close business relationships with the leading manufacturers of digital forensic hardware and software products in the industry. This provides us with unique vendor neutral-insight into the capabilities of almost every digital forensic tool available. We conduct thorough in-house testing of every tool we use to ensure our products are the best on the market.

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