Cell Phone Forensics Training

Cell phone forensics training and mobile device examinations have become an essential element of digital investigations. In accordance with our Decision Based Forensics process and methodology, we utilize several different forensic tools to extract, analyze, and report the data found on cell phones and other mobile devices. Corporations, governments, and military agencies should seriously consider the role cell phones and mobile devices play in their organizational flow of data and proprietary information. Mobile Forensics training will improve the strategies of investigations.

H-11 is recognized worldwide as one of the industry leaders in certified cell phone forensics training and investigations.

Litigation Support

H-11 provides digital forensic expert witness testimony and litigation support. The ultimate goal of digital investigations is to be able to win your case. Our litigation support team works closely with you and/or your lawyers to identify and map out the relevant digital evidence and supporting data critical to your case.

Digital Forensics Training

H-11 offers client tailored digital forensics training solutions. Our customers include individuals, law enforcement, military, government and corporate security practitioners. We have conducted training in the United States, Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Taiwan, and throughout Europe.

Digital Forensic Products

H-11 maintains close business ties to the leading manufacturers of digital forensics hardware and software products. This provides us with unique vendor neutral insight into the capabilities of almost every digital forensic tool available. We conduct in-house testing of every tool we sell to ensure our products are the best on the market.

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