Digital & Computer Forensic Services

If you need to respond to a computer, mobile device or other digital media-related incident – the forensic experts at H-11 Digital Forensic Services (H-11 DFS) can provide timely and precise solutions.

H-11 DFS has world class digital forensic labs and an exceptional team of certified forensic examiners.

Our goal is to provide a tailored solution to your digital & computer forensic requirements.

Our Services

Below is a list of the digital & computer forensic services that we offer. Click on a link to learn more about the service.

H-11 DFS team members have extensive law enforcement, government and corporate computer forensic investigation experience. Our forensic examiners are court qualified for both civil and criminal cases.

H-11 DFS has handled cases involving inappropriate employee conduct, spoliation of evidence, divorce, embezzlement, theft and misuse of intellectual property, sexual harassment, child pornography, bankruptcy, commercial litigation, corporate espionage, and internet investigations.

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